17thC Old Master Van den Bossche

17thC Old Master Van den Bossche(1681-1715) Flemish Genre oil.

Description: A good Old Master Flemish school oil, Circle of Balthasar van den Bossche (1681-1715) circa late 17th century.
oil on canvas 19"x22" , 49cmx56cm
antique giltwood frame 26,1/2"x29,1/2" 67cmx75cm

This genre painting is of a family group portrait. They are gathered on the steps of their Classical/Italianate villa with large formal gardens in the background.

Like a snapshot of every day life, the various members don't appear to be sitters and are rather more absorbed in their interactions with each other and their pets .

Only one member, the head of the family , stares out of the canvas whilst pointing at his exotic bird in hand. In Flemish painting of this period the dog, parrot and vine all symbolise marital fidelity.

Good condition, fine craquelure to the surface.

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