1809-1865 Oversized Lincoln Commemorative Bronze

1809-1865 Oversize Lincoln Commemorative Bronze (Antique)
Country Of Origin: British

2015 marks the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s death. Just days after the Civil War ended, Lincoln was attending a theater performance in Washington, D.C. when his life was taken by John Wilkes Booth. This Copper Lincoln Commemorative mirrors the Lincoln Memorial Cent with a few noteworthy modifications. Measuring 3.5 inches, it’s 4.6 times larger than the size of a standard Lincoln Cent. This oversized version reflects Lincoln’s birth and death dates 1809-1865, and instead of “Liberty” reads “Lincoln” on the obverse, and “One Cent” on the reverse is replaced by “commemorative.” A beautiful antique finish perfects the look of this grand testament to our revered 16th President—best known for his efforts in abolishing slavery. It wasn’t until 1914 that construction had started on the Lincoln Memorial. There was a message in the materials that came from all parts of the United States—that a country torn apart can together build something beautiful, a metaphor for the reunification of the United States. Any collector would love to keep this as a desk or office centerpiece.


  • Country Origin:   British
  • Composition Type:   Copper
  • Condition Type:   Antique
  • Coin Weight:   195 Grams - g
  • Mint Name:   Commonwealth Mint
  • Dimensions:   89 MM

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