1867-1919 Twilight of Empires

1867-1919 Twilight of Empires VG-VF - 3 Piece Set
Country Of Origin: Germany
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Before the start of World War I, three vast empires dominated Central and Eastern Europe: The Hohenzollerns in Germany, The Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary and the Romanovs in Russia. By the end of the war, all three were dust in the wind. This Twilight of Empires Silver Collection features the last silver coins from each of the lost kingdoms: a German Silver Half Mark dated between 1905 and 1919, a Hungarian Silver One Corona from 1892 to 1915 and a Russian Silver 15 Kopeks dated between 1867 and 1917. Each is in Very Good (VG) condition. Over the last century, most of these vintage silver coins have been lost, melted or just plain worn out. Here’s your chance to get all three at once. Each collection is housed in a deluxe wooden presentation case and includes a detailed storycard. The winds of war blew these coins away-now you can retrieve them for your vintage coin collection! Dates vary.


  • Year Issue:   1919
  • Country Origin:   Germany
  • Composition Type:   Silver
  • Denomination:   0.50, 1.00, 15.00
  • Grade Type:   VF
  • Condition Type:   Circulated
  • Purity:   0.5000, 0.8350, 0.9000
  • Coin Weight:   Various
  • Dimensions:   Various
  • Currency Type:   Kopek, Korona, Mark

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