1959 Nash Rambler 2 Door Super Wagon

Totally restored 1959 Nash Rambler American 2 Door Super Wagon

Engine: 347 V8, 300 HP Ford Crate Engine

Transmission: C4 Automatice
Original/Restored: Full, Professional, Price no ojbect Restoration

You are looking at a rare, totally restored 1959 Nash Rambler American 2 Door Super Wagon. This is a very cool car that the whole family can enjoy... And at the same time you've got the Ultimate Sleeper!


Fresh car – completed February, 2009.

The body was shipped from California about ten years ago, completely rust free - a very dry car, taken to bare metal and professionally prepared.

The car was assembled and then disassembled for paint and polishing then re-assembled.

All chrome has been re-plated – spent over $5K.

New weather stripping.

New rubber molding, wing vent rubbers were custom molded from originals – costing over $1K for the pair. Front windshield, back glass and the two side rear window rubbers are custom extruded and molded probably making this Rambler Wagon the only one in the world with new rubbers!

The floor, doors and inside roof have been sound protected with Dynamat.

New headliner and door pinch molding.

The interior is new and made with the best leather hides.

Vintage Air Conditioning, heat and defrost system.

Secret audio system AM/FM radio with 10 C/D player.

Contact: Jim Lowrey
Email: jim@Classic-CarStore.com