A Charming Colonial Bungalow

Built in c 1930, this charming, newly-refurbished bungalow is located in the West View area in Matheran
Country Of Origin: India
Product Age: Year Of 1930
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Property sold furnished
Grounds admeasuring approximately 4.25 acres
Main house admeasuring approximately 3500 square feet
Verandah admeasuring approximately 800 square feet
Teak wood woodwork throughout the house
Thickly forested un spoilt grounds
3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms
High-quality marble and tile flooring throughout the house
Mini lawn tennis court
High-spec kitchen
Staff quarters and utility rooms admeasuring approximately 1000 square feet

Matheran was discovered in 1850s and has been a popular holiday destination for well-to-do Mumbai residents who built elegant summer homes there. Located at a height of 800 metres above sea level, Matheran has the special distinction of being declared an eco-sensitive zone, which prevents the use of motorized and other polluting forms of transport. This allows residents and visitors to spend their holidays there is perfect solitude, and gives respite from the pollution and noise that plagues other popular holiday destinations. Transport is either by horseback or on foot. Motorized vehicles are only allowed up to a point on the edge of Matheran.