After The Hunt

At the Salon of 1857
Country Of Origin: France
Product Age: 1859's
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Oil on canvas; 93 x 73 1/4 in. (236.2 x 186.1 cm)

At the Salon of 1857, Courbet exhibited a large painting, The Quarry (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston), whose critical and popular success prompted him to paint a series of hunting scenes, which were sought after by collectors. In these works, Courbet drew from his own experiences as a sportsman, exploring the relationship between man and nature as embodied in the act of hunting. After the Huntfeatures an incongruous assortment of dead game, including a wild boar, a partridge, a deer, and a hare, an array that could not have been the product of a single day's hunt. Such deliberate artifice is at odds with the artist's avowed realism.

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