Alabaster "Hopi Girl" by Ryan Benally (Navajo)

Alabaster "Hopi Girl" by Ryan Benally (Navajo)
tem Number: CONSRB

Gazing out from a fragment of Utah alabaster, this Hopi maiden carved by Ryan Benally seems to be looking out to eternity.  Her hair is styled in the traditional Hopi butterfly whorls and she is wearing several strands of turquoise beads. Ryan explains his inspiration for this lovely piece, saying, "After seeing some ancient, fragmented Mayan and Aztec masks and realizing how old they are, I was inspired to make "Hopi Girl" as a fragment, as if the viewer would be finding her in an ancient ruin. It would be in pieces and the viewer would have to imagine what the rest would look like. I leave the original texture of the stone to show what it looked like before being carved."

Height 11", width 10 1/2".

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