An Antique Indian Silver Tea Set from Kashmir

This elegant silver tea set was made in Kashmir, India, circa 1930.
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This elegant silver tea set was made in Kashmir, India, circa 1930. The work is very fine, showing Mughal influences. Antique Kashmir silver is highly regarded among Indian silver regions, and this is a particularly fine example of Kashmiri work. The paneled shape of the silver tea set is elegant, while the decoration beautifully proportioned- it enhances rather than drowns out the form of the pieces.

This Indian silver tea set is extremely good quality. It is very heavy, and of excellent gauge silver. The set weighs over 1.3 kilos! 

A very fine example of an antique Indian Silver tea set. 

Type: Tea Sets    Function: Teaware
Country: Indian   Date: 1930
Style: Islamic      Composition: Solid Silver


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