British Made Pistol

British Made Pistol, Handgun
Country Of Origin: British
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Antique 19th Century (Victorian) Percussion Pistol. 9 inch barrel with Proof Marks and Stirrup Ramrod. Brass Trigger Guard and Butt Cap with Steel Lanyard Ring, 38cm long. Good Strong Actions and Clear Nipple and Barrel. Nipple Slightly Chipped. Price Includes Postage.

Type: Military Guns

Category: Pistol / Hand Guns

Condition: Used - Average condition

Type: Trade

Make: British made

Antique: Yes

Mechanism: Percussion

Certificate: No Licence - Antique/Obsolete Calibre - Section 58 (2) Firearms Act 1968Gun

Status: Live Firing Recommended

Usage: Collection Item

Contact: 0844 3911617 ,  01772 639 617

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