Bronze Japanese Salesman

c.1920 Large Bronze of a Japanese Salesman Late Meiji
Country Of Origin: Japan
Product Age: 1920's
Seller's Contact: UK: 07780 687 139 or 01706 816016

Large Bronze of a Japanese Salesman late Meiji period c.1920.

This is a well cast bronze figure of a Japanese tradesman. The figure is cast in two colours bronze, yellow and red. The figure is dressed in traditional clothing with a dragon as the family crest in a mon on his coat and lotus flowers over the full dress, at back on the left is a signature of two characters in a cartouche (sadly in can't read Japanese to translate this). On the left hand side he is wearing a box with two drawers. He seems to drink from a gourd (what is sadly missing) as his whole face is making a drinking expression. The figure stands on a nicely carved wooden plinth. The figure measures 11.5 Inches tall (29cm) with plinth.

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