Letter Sent With Hot Air Balloon From France In 1870 Reached Australlia.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

People from National Archives in Australia were surprised to see a  letter from a French guy to his mother, flown from Paris with a hot Air balloon, more than a century back . And then landed in Aurtalia’s National Archives. The letter is composed in French on December 6, 1870 by a guy named Charles Mesnier (or Mesmier) to his mother, addressed to Monsieur Grussin (or Grossin) at 8 Place de la Ville, Pont-Audemer, in Normandy. It was during 1870 when German surrounded Paris for almost one month. Researchers at National Archives are trying to learn more about this boy named Charles , who had written this letter & his family who probably got stuck in Prussian Seige on Paris. In such situation, balloon mail was the only method left for the French people to communicate with the world outside France. One of these such balloon has been seen as through the National Archives,  re cently included in some common programme between  National Archives of Australia and also the Archives Nationales in France.

Within the letter, which is filled with ervour, the guy assures his mother that he's in good condition.“We do not have meat every single day so when we all do acquire some it's not so much, but you can manage as situations are with no one out of our folks are worrying,“ he authored. Mesnier added, “The need to repulse the Prussians is appropriate the solitary concern of Paris. Any suffering could be borne instead of opening the gates of the French capital for them.  He continues to talk of “some real battles“ round the city between No vember 29 and December 1 1870.


This was one of the rarest and but important mode of communication during that. And it sounds unbelievable to the kids these days as they are born in ITage & seeing this world using mobile phones since they are born

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