1878 BSA Snider 577

This is a rare beast - A single band Snider Cavalry Carbine in original .
Country Of Origin: British

This is a rare beast - a single band Snider Cavalry Carbine in original .577 calibre - fully working action but classed as obsolete calibre so you do not need a license to own it. This one has the correct military 5 grove 50cm barrel - must have kicked like a mule at that length - I would not want to fire it from horseback! Lots of makers marks, proofs, crowns etc. on the metalwork and nice regimental markings on the butt - with some effort you could trace some of this rifles history. Metal finish is good and period and has not been refinished - the woodwork looks like it has had a repair at some point but its been done very well and does not detract. 

Type: Rifles

Condition: Used - Good condition for age

Make: BSA

Model: Snider Cavalry CarbineManufactured Year:1878

Antique: yes


Certificate: No Licence - Antique/Obsolete Calibre - Section 58 (2) Firearms Act 1968

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