Rajasthani India Silver Belt

1920's Antique Rajasthani India Silver Belt With Large Checker Board Buckle And 2 Plaited Ropes
Country Of Origin: India
Product Age: 1920's
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  • Vintage item from the 1920s
  • Material: Silver


Wonderful antique Rajasthani India silver belt with large checkerboard buckle and double plaited ropes held in place by ornamental bands. The belt tests for silver which could vary from 90% to 92% and weighs 278 grams. The belt measures 29 1/8” around. The decorative front measures 9” in length and is 1 3/4” at the center front measuring the screw closure and 3/4” in width not measuring the closure. The ornamental bands are not clamped tightly in place and slide but could be clamped in place. There are some impressions in the plated rope where the clamps were in place and some surface scratches from usage otherwise this is in good condition. Please see all the photos.

Product Courtesy: Etsy.com